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Wandering on your own


Tour suggestions in Fyksesund Landscape Park

Marked hikes in Fykse and Steinstø:

A: Steinstø−Bjørke: Steep hike through an orchard in Steinstø, along a trail between Steinstø farm and Bjørke. Approx. 1 hour.

B: Telstø−Telstøstølen −Rymbedal−Klyve: Hikes goes from Telstø to the mountain cabin above it, along an old trail. One then crosses the river near the cabin, and hikes down to Klyve via Rymbedal. Steep terrain. Approx. 3 hours

C: Bjørke−Veten− Nyasete− Bjørke: Roundtrip in gently rolling terrain. One passes a scenic overlook on Veten and cabins at Nyasete. Approx. 3 hours.

D: Bjørke−Storhoggo−Sjusete−Nyasete−Bjørke: Roundtrip in gently rolling terrain. One passes pasturage on Storhoggo and cabins at sjusete and Nyasete. Approx. 3 hours


Marked hikes in Botnen::

E: Furehaugen rundt: Very scenic hike in moderately challenging terrain. Approx. 1 hour

F: Flatabø−Flatabøstølen: Hike to cabin through Flatabødalen (Flatabø valley) and in to Flatabø. Easy hike through old cultural landscape.

For more information regarding hikes see own menu and tour map (Downloadable pdf, 8,7 MB) pdf_icon